Tribal Climate Health Resource Clearinghouse is Live and Seeking Submissions

We all know that it is a great idea to learn from others, particularly when addressing something as complex as climate impacts on health, but finding the right information to match your needs can be time consuming. Fortunately, for professionals and organizations interested in the health impacts of climate change on tribal communities, there are many reports, articles, case studies, websites, databases and other resources publicly available.

One of the first initiatives of the Tribal Climate Health Project was to identify, review and code hundreds of these types of resources, and organize them into an easily navigable Resource Clearinghouse. The Resource Clearinghouse is searchable and equipped with advanced filter options to allow users to narrow down resource results by topic, materials available, region and more. In addition, for those looking for location specific resources, we have developed a Resource Map for resources that are tied to specific geography.

There are currently nearly 400 resources in the Resource Clearinghouse. These resources are building the foundation for the curriculum being developed by the Tribal Climate Health Project to help train tribal health professionals to prepare their communities for health impacts of climate change. If you have additional resources that you feel should be part of the Resource Clearinghouse, and potentially the training curriculum, please submit a resource using this form.

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