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We are currently developing climate change and health curriculum and online training resources for tribal communities. As resources become available, we will add them to this section of the website.


Slides –

Adaptation Planning ToolExposures, Impacts, and Strategies Inventory (EISI) tool (Updated May 5, 2021 BETA VERSION). This is a draft of a customizable companion tool that can support communities that are conducting adaptation planning. Information and data sources are compiled and organized to present information needed at several decision-making steps to help your community prepare to take the most effective actions. We are continuing to build functionality and improve information. The latest update includes more indicators and data sources (national and California specific), including those available from the California Tribal Epidemiology Center (CTEC). A step-by-step guide for using this tool and requesting CTEC data can be found here. Please send questions or comments to

Survey Template Climate Vulnerability Experiences and Priorities Survey for gathering initial community input. If you have a Google account, you can use this link to create and save a copy of this template to customize for your tribe.

Sample ReportsPala Band of Mission Indians Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Change Adaptation Plan. These reports incorporate health impacts and strategies. This Word version allows others to modify for their own community.

Fact Sheets – Pala Band of Mission Indian produced the following fact sheets to help their community understand high-risk climate exposures and how to recognize and prepare for climate threats:

Other Relevant Training Materials not Produced by the Tribal Climate Health Project

Tribal Resolution TemplateITEP’s Tribal Climate Change Resolution Template

Playlist – Check out Tribal Climate Health’s Youtube playlist of climate and health videos produced by other agencies