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TCHP’s Data Development Work

The Pala Band of Mission Indians’ Tribal Climate Health Project is Making Resilience Data More Accessible for U.S. Tribes

In the past five years, the Pala Band of Mission Indians’ Tribal Climate Health Project (TCHP) has leveraged funding from EPA, BIA, and CDC for capacity building and dataset development initiatives designed to make it easier for Tribes to address unique their health and other climate vulnerabilities using both western science and traditional knowledge. Through our capacity building work, we quickly recognized that trainings would not be enough to help under-resourced US Tribes manage the overwhelming burden of data gathering and fact finding needed to make adaptation and resilience decisions. To help Tribes move forward more easily from planning to action, the program has worked to lower the burden of climate information fact-finding by optimizing access to meaningful and readily usable external data to support Tribal adaptation planning and supplemental monitoring needs. The program developed a customizable Excel-based tool called the Exposures, Impacts, and Strategies Inventory (EISI) tool, and made it available for free download so Tribes don’t have to start from scratch when beginning their adaptation planning processes. Read more and access TCHP’s Exposures, Impacts, and Strategies Inventory (EISI) tool.



Beyond continuing to develop the EISI tool, the TCHP has been awarded BIA Tribal Resilience funding for three consecutive grant projects aimed at continuing to scale up our work to help tribes across the country more easily access health and other data to support their climate resilience efforts.

Each of these projects allows us to collaborate with a small group of tribes to access adaptation data needs, obtain new datasets, and build national tribal capacity through presentations and collaborative meetings with data providers and partner organizations. As of June 2021, we are facilitating the National Tribal Resilience Data Workgroup (NTRDW). The NTRDW is comprised of over 30 experts from across the country that are collaborating on identify solutions that help tribes more easily access meaningful climate vulnerability and resilience data.

National Tribal Resilience Data Workgroup (NTRDW) Meeting Recordings

Meeting 1: June 9, 2021

Meeting 2: July 14, 2021

Meeting 3: August 11, 2021

Meeting 4: September 8, 2021