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TCHP Seeks Water and Wildfire Data Scientists 

The Tribal Climate Health Project (TCHP) develops learning resources to help Tribes and Tribal-serving professionals safeguard their communities from the health impacts of climate change. Among its efforts, TCHP is grant-funded conduct a two-year project to obtain, compile, and deeply analyze available and outstanding scientific climate vulnerability data on water supply and wildfire health from all known sources, including State agencies, research institutions, and TCHP Tribal Advisors. Over its 8 years of existence, TCHP and its partners determined that wildfire-related illness, due to worsened air and water quality, and water supply data represent high-priority, persistent, and urgent needs for Tribes in California. Tribal partners who participated in previous TCHP intertribal resilience data development projects shared that they had great difficulty accessing the complete, location-specific, climate-attributable groundwater, water supply, and wildfire health outcome data they needed to understand the projected severity, likelihood, and urgency of these climate vulnerabilities. This data is critical to developing informed, timely adaptation solutions and gaining Tribal community support, including commitment from Tribal leaders weighing threats to the Tribe’s wellbeing.

TCHP’s lead consultant, Prosper Sustainably, is seeking contract support from qualified data scientists with expertise in analyzing water supply and wildfire health datasets applicable to California Tribes. With the help of data scientists, findings will be presented to participating California Tribes through comprehensive data worksheets. Findings will also be used to update and publish TCHP’s Accessing Tribal Resilience Data Guidebook with new addendums that provide Tribes with detailed guidance on accessing the most useful water supply and wildfire health data, including revised data request protocols and an updated EISI tool with revised data request protocols, which will help advance adaptation planning for Tribes nationwide. Contracted data scientists will also work with TCHP to draft and publish a white paper for policymakers, researchers, and tool providers on the status and gaps associated with water supply and wildfire health data access for California Tribes.

Ideal candidates will demonstrate experience working with Tribes and conducting advanced analysis of key California water supply and wildfire datasets. For more information or to be considered, please contact Angie Hacker (