Surveying Your Tribe’s Climate Change Experiences and Priorities

The Tribal Climate Health Project is developing training materials for tribes that need help preparing for the health and other impacts of climate change. We just released a new resource that can make it easier for tribe-serving individuals to better understand a community’s climate change experiences and priorities.

When planning for climate adaptation, it is critical to know what assets and values matters most to your community because you’ll need to decide where to spend your limited time and resources. Your Vulnerability Assessment report will also be enhanced by personalized stories and observations from your tribal members. There are many ways that you can engage and listen to your community ranging from community workshops, to educational materials and individual interviews.

We designed the Climate Vulnerability Experiences and Priorities Survey Template (in Google Forms) to provide sample questions and a no-cost method for soliciting and capturing basic input on areas of concerns or importance as well as stories and observations. For tribes that don’t have extensive resources, an online survey be easily distributed via email, listservs, social media, or even at a booth at in-person events.

A screenshot of the survey template in Google Forms

We would appreciate your input on this survey. Please send your thoughts to

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