Newly published: “Protecting Tribal Health in Crisis: Translating COVID Lessons into Climate Preparation in Indian Country.”

The Tribal Climate Health Project is pleased to share a recently published report compiling resourceful approaches to crisis response in Indigenous communities over the last year and half. Titled “Protecting Tribal Health in Crisis: Translating COVID Lessons into Climate Preparation in Indian Country,” the report considers how new knowledge, lessons, examples, and practices emerging from COVID response efforts can help Tribes strengthen preparedness for future emergencies, including climate change. Through research, literature review, surveys, workshops, and interviews, the Tribal Climate Health Project identified real world examples of replicable practices in the following areas that can serve to build Tribal resilience to both pandemic and climate emergencies now and in the future.

o Emergency Planning and Operations
o Storage and Distribution of Key Supplies
o Health and Service Coordination
o Community Engagement and Education
o Data Tracking
o Reliable Broadband and Information Systems
o Housing and Economic Support

An overarching recommendation of the report encourages Tribal leaders to take the time to intentionally process and digest the lessons learned from COVID in order to better position themselves to leverage new practices, investments, and knowledge towards climate preparation.

The Tribal Climate Health Project is conducting a Peer-to-peer Roundtable Discussion on this topic on September 21,2021 at 10am PST / 1pm ET. Tribal serving practitioners will have an opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences, and ideas related to translating COVID lessons to climate preparation. Register today!

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