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Webinar: Climate Change and Health in the Arctic: Impacts on Alaska Native Communities and a Spotlight on Efforts to Improve Climate Health

We wanted to alert you to a webinar hosted by the National Indian Health Board (NIHB) that will be highly relevant for individuals interested in tribal climate health. The webinar, titled “Climate Change and Health in the Arctic: Impacts on Alaska Native Communities and a Spotlight on Efforts to Improve Climate Health” will take place on Thursday, January 25, 2018 from 3:00-4:30 PM ET.
Please see the webinar description and registration information below.
Climate warming in the Arctic is occurring twice as fast as the global average. Although Alaska Native peoples are resilient, live in one of the most severe climates on earth, and have adapted to varying conditions throughout history, current changes to climate are rapid and extreme. These changes are severely impacting the lives and communities of Alaska Natives, since many people in Arctic villages live close to the land and rely on subsistence lifestyles. During this webinar, learn more about climate change in the Arctic, how it is affecting the health of indigenous people, and various types of work occurring in this space – including state and local efforts and a spotlight on an NIHB-funded grant for the Village of Wainwright. The presentation will also include resources for climate change and climate health in the Arctic.
Webinar Objectives
By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Explain climate change and its impacts on health
  • Describe special considerations for Arctic communities
  • Discuss efforts to improve climate health in Alaska
  • Identify resources related to climate change and health for Tribes
Climate change is connected to various health issues as diverse as malnutrition, injuries, mental health, respiratory health, and extreme weather. This webinar is intended for anyone who works in areas related to climate health, including environmental health workers, program directors, program planners, community health workers, researchers, care providers, and others working in areas that overlap with climate health concerns. Arctic Tribal communities experiencing climate change impacts, implementing climate change programs, or considering future activities are specially invited.
Registration is required and the password for the event is climate . Please register in advance and log on early to help the webinar start on time. You may email Angelica Colagreco  if you have questions about the event.
Also, learn about the National Indian Health Board’s work with Climate Change here and read a recent spotlight about one of our Climate Ready Tribes awardees here.
Note: Image depicts a spring whale. Photo is courtesy of the Village of Wainwright, NIHB awardee. During this webinar, project coordinator Alana Shaw will present about her community’s climate health work.